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high limit credit

Why Getting High Limit Credit Cards Helps You

A high limit credit card  usually has a credit line limit that goes from $5,000 anywhere to $10,000 and beyond. The biggest benefit a high limit credit card provides to you is more available credit that in turn lowers your credit utilization rate. Your credit utilization rate has a huge impact in your overall credit score.

Also, cardholders with high monthly expenses or with the need to buy a high price item can enjoy the added benefit of these types of cards.


What are the benefits?

  • Increasing limit on an existing card is a better option than getting another credit card since opening a new account shortens the length of your credit history and a longer history usually means that you have a better score.
  • You make large purchases and reap the benefits of card rewards
  • It can help you in an emergency
  • It is easier to get additional credit or loans
  • It lowers your credit utilization