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Established in 2015, this company originated to help friends and family, but soon word spread and it became a sole proprietorship. When everyone saw how their credit improved and was able to get approved for loans, cars, houses, credit cards, business loans, cosmetic surgery financing, etc. we had to hire and train new people, and formed PACC 10 Enterprise, LLC.

At first glance, one may see him simply as a nice guy with good manners, and a charming demeanor. But there is more to him than just a winning profile.

Like many, Antoine has had his share of struggles, and then some. At one point in his life, he was down on his luck and headed in a direction that few survive. He lived in places you could not imagine—the struggle was real, and few are blessed enough to be delivered from its entanglement. Drugs, alcohol, and gang affiliation were common in his environment.

But as faith has it—he survived. In 2012, Antoine found himself desperate and in need of cash flow. His living situation was as dismal as his credit score. It had plummeted to 397. With little resources and bruised pride, he sought out the support of his family. It was during that hiatus that Antoine reminded himself that change happens with the right moves. He said to himself, “What can I do to change this? There is a way. I’m sure of it!” He began to think of the rules and strategies that he had always applied with one of his favorite games; Chess. He rehearsed the rules. “In the game of Chess, the king knows that all pieces are important, no matter how big or how small”. Herein is when his vision was born: “I can move one step in any direction, but my navigation includes limitless combinations and possibilities.” He uses this same analogy in the credit world. “Credit uses algorithms and formulas and once you learn to play the game, it’s CheckMate. BUT You gotta BELIEVE. You gotta speak it into existence.”

He began to test strategies and eventually mastered some techniques starting with his own credit score. He began researching and building on the tried and true applications that his mother taught him. His mother’s plan worked, but it took research to learn how to expedite the process. His mind took over. “There’s got to be a faster way.” Antoine researched the market, read books, interviews, success stories, and eventually developed a formula that was fail-proof. “I went from a 397 to a 754 in six months,” he explained. When his parents were looking to purchase property, he applied those formulas to help them buy their dream house.

Besides purchasing a new muscle car, acquiring over $50k worth of funding for himself (in 6 months), and building his bank account, Antoine has helped hundreds improve their creditworthiness by rapidly increasing their scores. He started PACC 10 Enterprise Rapid Credit Boosters as a testament to his success. Since then, he has helped young and old alike by utilizing personalized formulas to boost their success. In the interim, Antoine, The Credit Genius is fulfilling his dream to help those that have experienced hardship, by encouraging them to live the American dream. Some of his greatest success stories are helping those that have lost hope — including those experiencing homelessness. Improving their credit scores mean moving people off the streets in some cases. For others, it means homeownership, car purchases, or the freedom to travel around the world. Antoine’s vision is to continue growing, learning, and living a life of purpose as he remembers the struggle while embracing his commitment to change. It is apparent that the sky is the limit for Antoine and PACC 10 Enterprise, Rapid Credit Boosters. What we are witnessing is a Rising Star spreading his goodwill around the globe.

There is no doubt that Antoine will continue to thrive as he embraces his motto: You gotta BELIEVE. You gotta speak it into existence. For PACC 10 Enterprise, rapid credit boosters please call 1-833-4PACC10.

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