To get a credit boost it takes around 2-3 weeks. To remove negative items it takes 30-90 days.

Yes, we guarantee that if you do what we suggest your credit score will improve fast.

Creditors often inflate the debts or put them on there twice. According to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) unverified or inaccurate items listed on credit reports in violation of Federal Law.

This depends on your credit profile and what you are trying to accomplish. A good place to start is with a $60.00 consultation. If you need additional repair, that amount will be deducted.

Usually, a tradeline can give you a boost in 2 weeks from 100-300 points. Paying down a credit card is another way to get a fast boost.

Usually, credit scores drop once you pay a collection. The debt is still on your credit report, and it still shows up as a negative account. It’s always better to delete the account.

A secured card is a thing of the past. Instead, go to myjewelersclub.com and sign up for their card. They will give you a $5,000 revolving card that will boost your credit score quicker than a secured card.

We are the best credit repair company in California. Our prices are already reasonable, and we work fast unlike companies that collect a payment month to month.

We do it ourselves. You will never have to worry about us sending paperwork and asking you to do the work yourself.

In order to process your paperwork, we need your Experian/Credit Karma login information. The protection of your information is our highest priority. Our website is secure, and we have documents in place that protect you and your identity from any kind of misuse. Even our contracts state that we will never reveal your information to any 3rd party without your consent.

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