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How to Budget

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a budget strategy popular, the 50/20/30  budget rule to reach your financial goals. It’s basically separated by 50% on needs, 20% on paying debts or saving and 30% for just living how you like, meaning gym memberships or dinners in a restaurant, etc.   Needs The 50% on needs are for […]

How to Remove a Hard Inquiry

A hard inquiry when you apply for a new credit card or a new loan. A creditor will view information on your credit report to determine whether to extend or give the credit or not. A hard inquiry stays on your reports for two years, after that they are removed, but if you can’t wait […]

5 ways to boost your credit score

It seems ironic that you need credit to get credit, but here’s the big difference, people don’t need debt to get credit, in other words it’s time to pay some debt in order to boost your credit. Here are five simple steps you can take to clean up your credit score, it will be hard […]

The Credit Crackhead by Antoine Sallis is Ready to Order

We’re excited to tell you that Antoine Sallis the Credit Genius wrote a book and it’s out today! It’s called The Fiercely Resilient Credit Crackhead. The Credit Crackhead is about a normal man named Stan who discovers how to build and leverage his credit to achieve the goals he wants in life. Although it is […]

Can Tradelines Boost Credit?

Yes, tradelines can boost credit. Tradelines are debts that you’re paying off like credit cards or auto loans, or any time of loans. Payment history, credit age, credit card utilization, inquiries, total account and derogatory marks are the six main categories that your credit is composed of. Inquiries and derogatory marks will hurt your score, […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

1. Dispute credit errors The easiest one is to start by looking at your credit report and check for any errors. If any error is found and corrected (that will take time) you can see an increase in your credit score. 2. Pay off debt This represents 30% of your credit score, so make a […]

What is the Minimum Credit Score for a Home Loan

Minimum credit scores vary depending on the mortgage you’re trying to get, whether it is an FHA loan (Federal Housing Administration), a VA loan (Department of Veteran Affairs) or a conventional mortgage. Conventional Mortgages Minimum Credit Score Needed: 660 or higher.  These loans are not insured by a government agency but follow standards set by […]

Change Your Credit, Change Your Life

Having good credit can make your life much easier in the day to day or even in those emergency situations. Also being approved for a mortgage or buying a car is a wonderful feeling. As you know, credit scores play a huge role in your life besides the loans, they also factor on how much […]

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors

Errors on your credit report can be common but they can cause your credit score to be lower than it should be. Here’s what to do to get those negative items removed. Identify your credit report errors It’s a good habit to review your credit report often for errors. You can get a free credit […]

Fastest Credit Repair in San Diego

Here at Rapid Credit Boosters we are proud to say we can boost your credit score fast. We have clients that have increased their score 315 points in 1-3 months and experienced negative accounts deleted as soon as 2 weeks. We get rid of negative items and add positive tradelines to your credit card profile […]