The team at rapid credit boosters go above and beyond to meet your credit needs. I’m speechless with the results I have so far. It’s only been a month but I have more results now than I received from the last company I was with for over a year. If you have credit issues I recommend RAPID CREDIT BOOSTERS. If you want to work with a team you can rely on, look no further. Not only do they take care of your needs and provide a solution to the problem, they go above and beyond in educating you so you never fall in the pits again. I can’t wait to see what they do for me nextTinya L.
They are dope. Antoine Sallis AKA the credit genius did me right. This service is professional, reliable, honest, and most of all they do what they say. They hinted the score would boost in 5 weeks. It took 6 but i'm super happy and satisfied. I understand we can't control the bureaus but they do a good job of trying to make it work.Armand D.
My consultation with Rhonda was heart-centered and extremely informative. Never once did I feel judged or shamed as I asked questions that I got expert answers to. It is so clear that Rhonda LOVES what she does and you will leave the call with armed with important information, a lighter heart and a happy, hopeful smile on your face! I know I did! Call them yesterday!!Chastity R.
When I started with pacc10 my credit score was in the six hundreds and I had a repossession that was killing my credit score. Well I meet the credit genius. Today (2022), He removed the repo and my credit score is now in the eight hundred's and it didn't cost a arm n leg. Thanks pacc10 rapid credit boosters.Cleveland G.
It has been nothing but a pleasure working with Antoine. I am grateful for his expertise and knowledge. My credit score is steadily going on the rise. I appreciate the fact that he educates you along the way. He has been an excellent mentor and I have learned so much within a relatively short period of time, I am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. Thank you for your help, dedication & commitment to helping others..Raising A.
I started with Rapid Credit Boosters and within a few months I was able to get a high limit credit card for my kids school AND I was able to get a house. They’re still working with me to help me achieve the rest of my credit goals.Ashley S.
Great service me and my wife went to this company to get our credit repair which they helped us with. Also they went out there time to mentor us about Credit. Helped me open my business account and give my business off the ground. I wanted to give a special thank you to rapid credit booster you’re the best. I recommend everybody to go to them. make sure you reach out to them for all your credit needs. have a blessed day.Privilage P.
Big thank you and shout out to Antoine from Rapid Credit Boosters. He’s been performing past all my expectations. Not only did he raise my credit score over 90 points in less the 3 weeks but he made sure to educate me on how credit system works, he was very professional and cordial. I would highly recommend anyone with any type of credit discrepancies to contact Antoine from RCB without hesitation.Jester D.
Antoine Sallis is truly the “Credit Genius” I hated even thinking about credit as my score was so low & I didn’t have any clue how to even start the process of fixing it! Antoine & his team were professional, caring & extremely knowledgeable! My credit score soared in a short amount or time as well as my knowledge of how to maintain & use credit to my benefit. They’ve been such a blessing to me & have helped many of my friends & family I’ve sent their way! Worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed!Brandi H.
My credit score was extremely low and I did not fully understand the credit game. Antoine' very patiently explained how credit worked as well as the bureaus. After following his advice, his company was able to increase my score over 100 points. They were quick and thoroughly explained the process before moving forward. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals! I appreciate him and his team of experts and look forward to closing on my home in about three months. Give them a try, you will not regret it!Keristan J.
I have received excellent service and support from Rapid Credit Boosters. Symone Williams, my Account Manager, and Mr Antoine Sallis are very knowledgeable and professional. Look forward to a great experience. I have seen improvement in my credit score within the first 30 days of using the service.Howard W.
I'm glad that I stepped out on good faith to elevate myself with the mentoring program so that I can really maximize my financial freedom experience. Antoine Sallis is educating me with his expertise & guiding me towards my success based upon what I shared with him directly in regards to my short term goals & long term goals. By providing Mr. Sallis with my vision he has put together a specific plan so I can follow his game plan to reach my goals within a year. I will come back again to share another testimony within a year to let everyone know that this is not a fantasy but a reality based upon changing your mindset & burning desire to achieve your goals.Cre 8
I absolutely love Rapid Credit boosters! They didn’t waste anytime repairing my credit and setting me up for greatness. They beat every company out there and they hold themselves to high standard that they execute on. I’ve had other companies take my money and no action. With Rapid Credit Boosters your credit surges high in a matter of no time. They are successful in what they do, leaving you in an abundance of Success. I appreciate Rhonda who took the time to rapidly get me to my dreams. Thank you! Leatrice C.
I’ve been working withRapid Credit Booster for a little over a month. I appreciate the inspiration and service they have provided. The decades of experience shows in their great customer service and knowledge base. Within a month of working with the company, my credit score is steadily rising. Moreover, I was assisted through the process of applying for a business; which I now own. Working with this company has broaden my horizons on the importance of business and personal credit. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give Rapid Credit Booster a 6. They are a first class company that yields first class results.Gerald S.
Antoine and his team are amazing!!! It has only been a week and my credit has gone up 46 points!! That is remarkable! I strongly recommend this team to anyone looking to boost their credit and have long term results!Holly W.
Rhonda has helped me and my family learn about credit. We fully trust her and are living our dreams Leatrice C.
This is by far one of the best decision I have made my score Went up 75 points in two weeks and they added tradelines and deleted inquiries. If you're thinking about fixing your credit, Run dont walk.Dan C.
This company is wonderful! My credit score has sky rocketed. I am also awaiting my new credit card. I recommend this company.Chula C.
I am very happy with the services that this company has provided. The owner is awesome and is leading me to success every day! My business is growing and my credit has increased. I recommend this company to everyone!Mindshine LLC
Rhonda Wheeler was exceptional and took great care of us in a timely manner and listened to all our concerns and had answers in an extremely timely manner.Sophie M.
I couldn't believe how fast they improved my credit profile!! Now I can leverage my credit to take advantage of low interest rates for home & auto loans. I highly recommend their services!!Tasha S.
Very friendly hard working company. Everything was done at a fast pace and professionallyJc C.
Rapid credit boosters team is very informational and helpful with all the questions I have about building credit. They have helped me get my credit together. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RAPID CREDIT BOOSTERS if you’re looking to repair your creditLeroy S.
New to the country and got some amazing help and guidance from this company to get my credit started!!Julie D.
The best investment I've ever made in myself! I highly recommend this company. Shout out to Antione Sallis, The Credit GeniusKellie X.
It's my dream to own a home. After consolidating with Antoine . My dream is becoming more of a reality. Antione great personality goes hand and hand with his years of knowledge and expertise. Antoine strategized a personal solution for me and now I am on my way. Thank's once again Antione. I understand now why they call you the credit magician.Theodore P.
I was always nervous about credit repair because I had heard bad stories, but the associates hear explained to me that I have rights. They said creditors sometimes inflate the actual amount, or code it wrong even if I pay the item. They work using the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other legal procedures. Now I have an 810 credit score. I started at a 680.Salvatore L.
I'm speechless! If I didn't know better I would say they use magic. My credit score went from 580 to 750 in 60 days!!! Take advantage of them ASAP!Mr. Harris
Very professional Went above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me with my credit issues.... Credit is a very important tool and asset to have and to be empowered by.. The Rapid Credit Boosters Team Explain all that to me and more and gave me the empowerment to Knowledge and nohow to take charge of my Credit... Thank You Rapid Credit Boosters You guys are truly amazing thank you so muchDamien M.
this company is the best credit repair company ever. I'm very satisfied and enlightened with all the information and everything they had to offer. I feel like this is going to be life-changing! Very happyIbrahim C.
Antoine Sallis goes above and beyond to provide excellent service for his clients. I highly recommend anyone struggling with building their credit to contact him ASAP!Bhalil J.
Oh my Gosh I love this company. They wiped all the negative items from my profile in 3 weeks! Stuff I thought would never be erased.Taisha B.
Rapid Credit Boosters fixed my credit fast, they were very professional and my good credit score increased my confidence , as well. Thank you for the work that you do, it changed my life.David W.
Legit!!! I am surprised. I added a tradeline to my report and the score JUMPED! I am attaching a picture...Happy client here...Patty W.
The advice and guidance given is always superb - never fails when educating me on the DOs and DONTs, I couldn’t ask for a better credit genius, seriously!! I’ve finally been able to get approved for a car loan and for my dream carSharmela T.
Very knowledgeable when it comes to getting Items off of your credit and getting you where you need to be.Raenisha S.
I wasted 2 years trying 3 different companies that didn't do anything for me. Rapid Credit Boosters was able to make my credit jump FAST!David B.
I asked to remove a few negative items, they did it in 45 days and now I have an 809 credit score! I wish I could post the results.Randy S. (San Diego,CA)
I’m on my way to purchasing the vehicles I need for my business thanks to rapid credit boosters and my house is next.Maurice W.
Wow! I am so happy with these folks...My credit score increased by 127 points in just two months!! Literally!!! Both Antoine and Shakti are incredible -- run, don't walk to get their help. You won't regret it.Aliah M. (San Francisco)
Call these guys ASAP if you want to get your life back on track. This company helped me with my credit and bills.Andrew L. (San Diego, CA)
My name is Adam Lincoln. I have known Antoine for his business ethics and honesty. I have seen him help many people and I'm proud to call him a friend.Adam L. (San Diego, CA)
I called for a free consultation. The team was very professional and showed genuine interest in answering my questions. They are in the process of boosting my credit score and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend them. Thanks PACC 10!Lourdes V. (Oceanside, CA)
Can't say better things about working with Antoine! Very professional and puts the customer first. He put me on the right path to a better credit & future. He’s such a great guy and friend. Thank you!!!Cornelius J. (Huntsville, AL)
This man has given me opportunities that I would have never thought to be possible at the age of 24. Thanks to Antoine! I now have a new car, I am on the verge of getting my own house and I have the ability to help those around me. He always has a solution to every problem. I wouldn't want to work with any other company but PACC 10 Enterprise. You would be foolish not to work with this company!DaShe H. (Temecula, CA)
I found out about this business through a friend, it has really helped me with my credit. I wanted to apply for an apartment. Antoine went above and beyond to help me out. I was so excited when they called me back to tell me I got approved for my apartment. This is a great company. They will look out and help you as much as they can. No complaints on my end. I referred this company to my sister and she referred it to others. Great customer service, great owner. If you are looking for a boost and assistance to secure a car, apartment, or just to increase your score, they will satisfy your needs without a doubt. I highly recommend PACC10!Elisha A. (La Mesa, CA)
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