Wow! I am so happy with these folks...My credit score increased by 127 points in just two months!! Literally!!! Both Antoine and Shakti are incredible -- run, don't walk to get their help. You won't regret it.Aliah M. (San Francisco)
Call these guys ASAP if you want to get your life back on track. This company helped me with my credit and bills.Andrew L. (San Diego, CA)
My name is Adam Lincoln. I have known Antoine for his business ethics and honesty. I have seen him help many people and I'm proud to call him a friend.Adam L. (San Diego, CA)
I called for a free consultation. The team was very professional and showed genuine interest in answering my questions. They are in the process of boosting my credit score and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend them. Thanks PACC 10!Lourdes V. (Oceanside, CA)
Can't say better things about working with Antoine! Very professional and puts the customer first. He put me on the right path to a better credit & future. He’s such a great guy and friend. Thank you!!!Cornelius J. (Huntsville, AL)
This man has given me opportunities that I would have never thought to be possible at the age of 24. Thanks to Antoine! I now have a new car, I am on the verge of getting my own house and I have the ability to help those around me. He always has a solution to every problem. I wouldn't want to work with any other company but PACC 10 Enterprise. You would be foolish not to work with this company!DaShe H. (Temecula, CA)
I found out about this business through a friend, it has really helped me with my credit. I wanted to apply for an apartment. Antoine went above and beyond to help me out. I was so excited when they called me back to tell me I got approved for my apartment. This is a great company. They will look out and help you as much as they can. No complaints on my end. I referred this company to my sister and she referred it to others. Great customer service, great owner. If you are looking for a boost and assistance to secure a car, apartment, or just to increase your score, they will satisfy your needs without a doubt. I highly recommend PACC10!Elisha A. (La Mesa, CA)
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