Credit Repair for Car Buying

We know that getting a new car is an exciting experience when you have good credit. Don’t let your bad credit discourage you from that new car smell you want. Every year there are millions of people getting loans for cars.

Leasing a car is paying to drive a new vehicle, but not to own it unless your lease contract gives you the option to purchase. Leasing a car may cost less per month than purchasing the same car.

Whether you are financing or leasing your car we know what it takes to get you approved. We will structure your credit so that you can get approved. We aim to get you the lowest APR possible so you can have more attractive offers from lenders.

Getting your credit stabilized for a car usually takes us 2-3 weeks. of course, once you make 3 on-time payments on your car you will see your credit begin to increase rapidly.

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