Antoine The Credit Genius by Andrea Clark

The legitimacy of credit repair can get lost in the quagmire of any one particular credit report and agency. With the prospect of an eye planted firmly on gaps, duplicate reporting, and general inaccuracies of one’s credit report, suggestions that whip a profile into shape are part foggy surrealism and part dream-scape of a high credit score profile.

Enter Antoine The Credit Genius. I first met Antoine when he was an amped-up, fiery teenager. As a member of a weekly, new thought study group, he was always curious about what the angst flavor was for the moment. Being a sheep with all the others didn’t sit well with him, so he would go out of his way to understand where he was in all of it. I’m sure he realized that what was happening around him also happened through him.

It doesn’t surprise me to know that as an adult, Antoine has discovered that he is an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit. His inclinations lean toward helping those in need. He does it as if he is helping a loved member of his own family.

Just ask him about his passion project where he is its CEO: Rapid Credit Boosters. Antoine is known with affection as the Credit Genius Talk about credit repair and he lights up – animated, knowing how addressing one’s history has the potential to offer life-changing opportunities.

And the strongest misconception he addresses time and again: Repairing one’s credit happens in a continuum vacuum and therefore takes considerable time and effort to achieve results.

Antoine’s strategies are simple: Care first about his client in meaningful ways; cultivate trust by breaking down barriers that position one for growth, and then educate on lessons of integrity. And while his business model is built upon a strategic angle where priorities are matched with a client’s drive, credit guidelines and consumer rights are also a forefront matter providing additional opportunities to shore up one’s score.

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