Care for your health with a good credit score

A good credit score can help you save money on healthcare costs. A low credit score can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. If your credit is bad, you may have to pay higher premiums and higher deductibles for health insurance. If you have a low credit score, your insurance company may not cover certain treatments or medications. They may also refuse to pay for any treatment at all. Health insurance companies can use your credit information to determine whether or not you are eligible for coverage.

Health insurance companies use credit scores to determine if you’re a good risk. If they think you are, they may offer lower premiums or deductibles. If your credit is bad, you could be paying more for health insurance than someone with excellent credit.

There are many ways to fix your credit score. One of the most important things you can do is pay all your bills on time. You should also try not to use more than 30% of your available credit limit. If you have any debt, pay it off as quickly as possible. This will show lenders that you take financial responsibility seriously and may help improve your score in the long run.

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