We’ve been featured in Yahoo! Finance

I was recently honored to be featured on Yahoo! Finance. Here is an excerpt from the article, but you can read it all HERE.

Did you know that your financial behavior and decisions are being tracked by lenders across the country? Are you aware that some employers check your credit score before hiring you for a job? Well, in the era of the digital age your personal information is readily available, and this should concern you. Antoine Sallis also known as Antoine the Credit Genius started Rapid Credit Boosters and Pacc10 Enterprises to help others manage their credit status. He insists that he can help you change your credit and change your life. He has a personal goal of making people’s dreams come true.

Rapid Credit Boosters is currently considered to be one of the top credit repair companies in the nation. Antoine Sallis is constantly implementing his values to ensure the utmost efficiency of his team. He has not only trained his associates to improve the credit score of potential customers, but he also reminds them of the importance of empathy in business. By fostering such emotional appeals, Antoine’s team of professionals can diligently collaborate with customers, effectively helping them to change any improper financial behavior.

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