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Can Tradelines Boost Credit?

Yes, tradelines can boost credit. Tradelines are debts that you’re paying off like credit cards or auto loans, or any time of loans. Payment history, credit age, credit card utilization, inquiries, total account and derogatory marks are the six main categories that your credit is composed of. Inquiries and derogatory marks will hurt your score, […]

How to Use Authorized User Tradelines

An authorized User is an additional user to your credit card without requiring that person to apply like an employee or a child. The authorized user shares credit limit with the primary holder and purchases made by the authorized user appears on the same statement. The user will start building credit! Tradelines are similar but […]

Why Getting High Limit Credit Cards Helps You

A high limit credit card  usually has a credit line limit that goes from $5,000 anywhere to $10,000 and beyond. The biggest benefit a high limit credit card provides to you is more available credit that in turn lowers your credit utilization rate. Your credit utilization rate has a huge impact in your overall credit […]