Pacc10 Enterprises

Pacc 10 Enterprise is an organization focused on knowledge, growth, and fulfilling dreams. Founded in 2015, by Antoine Sallis its purpose originally was to be an online marketplace and network of businesses that helped promote each other. The acronym for PACC initially was Perfectly Awesome Custom Creations. The number 10 in the name represented the level of service that was to be offered, and because of its associations with other companies, it was named an enterprise. That was how the name Pacc 10 Enterprise came about.

During the formation of Pacc 10 Enterprise, Antoine Sallis began learning and studying credit and learned secrets and tricks to utilize it as leverage. After he boosted his own credit score he realized that his life had changed. With the newfound information he learned he now looked for ways and opportunities to help others change their life as well. Thus, Pacc 10 Enterprise, became a consultation company geared toward helping others change their credit so that they can change their lives. Associates of the organization study financial, and self-help education together, work on individual and team goals, and engage in money-making endeavors together and individually. It is not uncommon for members to team up on a piece of real estate.

Meet Our Associates

Rhonda Wheeler

Nurse, Funding Agent for Rapid Credit

Additional Business:
The Wild Roo

Mighty Mo

Master Barber / Image Consultant, Mighty Mos Mobile Grooming

Additional Business:
Bully Breeding

David Castain

Serial Entrepreneur, Travel Consultant, David Castain Destinations, Exotic Car Owner,

Additional Business:
Marketing Guru

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