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Antoine Sallis - Forbes Finance Council

Member of the Forbes Finance Council

 I was just voted into the Forbes Finance Council. I’m extremely humbled and grateful. I came from overcoming drinking and homelessness to living the life of prosperity in which I get to share with others to secrets to living the life of their dreams. God is Good.

– Antoine Sallis

Raving Reviews

Blck 56
Blck 56
April 26, 2023.
I have been trying for a couple of years and have went through a few hundreds of dollars to get my credit in excellent shape!!! And this company here has finally did the job iv wanted done!!! This is the best investment iv purchased in the last couple of years!!! Brother Billy Carson and the "Blue print for God Power" has led me to this point here and im forever greatful!!!
Beron Thompkins
Beron Thompkins
April 15, 2023.
these people are so dope they took me up to a 700 literally in 3 weeks I didn't even believe this was possible
Amanda King
Amanda King
March 29, 2023.
WOW!!!!!! I can’t believe how fast this is happening!! I have only been with Rapid Credit Boosters for two months and I’m already seeing major improvements to my business and personal credit. These Guys are amazing! Thank you Antoine and Team for making my dream a reality.
Madi McNamee
Madi McNamee
March 25, 2023.
I had the pleasure of working with Eva and she was so so friendly and helpful through out the whole process! Super informative and overall an incredible customer experience! I’d recommend Rapid Credit booster to anyone looking for great service and results
Donald Glover
Donald Glover
March 24, 2023.
My experience has been great and I am with tremendous excitement moving forward.
Brian Kendrick-Bey
Brian Kendrick-Bey
March 11, 2023.
Rapid Credit Boosters is the epitome of credit resurrection. This is the only company I'd recommend for all credit reasons. Rapid Credit Boosters are by far the BEST in the world! Allow them to be your credit Lazarus, and upgrade your life.
Simone Tate
Simone Tate
February 17, 2023.
Rapid Credit Boosters has improved my credit score tremendously!!! Very happy with the service!!! Catherine worked with me through the process and with in less than a month my credit score has gone up!!!! 😀👍🏾👏🏾
February 2, 2023.
In the 1st year of working with Antoine & his amazing team I’ve not only accumulated thousands of dollars in credit but passive income as well. With his mentorship I’ve gained a priceless mindset filled with unlimited wealth in regards to life not just money. He’s also taught me the importance of relationship building and how you can never have too many friends and ever afford to lose one. I didn’t have any knowledge of business what so ever before I met Antoine and now I can say I am confident in the business I mind . In the next 3 years there will be multiple properties of my own scattered not only in the United States but all over the world. I could never thank Antoine enough for his guidance and friendship . I would recommend him to anyone on the face of this earth who is ready to build from the ground up whole heartedly this man is a straight up inspiration lol if you ever lost your glasses and had blurry vision than out the blue someone handed them to you than you know what I mean
Reuben Castain
Reuben Castain
January 7, 2023.
Had just went down is score due to a missed payment and was beating myself up over it. I went to Rapid Credit Boosters (Antoine) because i heard about them through my brother and they were able to get my payments removed and even an account removed i didn't know was impacting me. 100% recommend them.He even gave me a plan to boost my credit even further with a fully laid out plan for me to follow with no guess work.
James Markham Hall, Jr.
James Markham Hall, Jr.
January 7, 2023.
Antoine and his team are EXCEPTIONAL! They helped me to understand THE GREAT AMERICAN CREDIT SECRET and navigate my way to a powerful credit profile. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

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86% of items reported in your credit report are incorrect

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Not at all, requesting your credit report doesn’t hurt your credit score.

In a few words, paying your credit and your bills on time. Paying your debts.

Once a month your credit reports are updated.

It is possible, but you probably won’t get a good annual percentage rate.

Contact the credit reporting company that has the error by internet or mail.

Not necessarily, you can establish credit and increase your score without one.

Pay the debts you have. Another option is to become an authorized user of someone else’s account.

First you need to pay more than the minimum and if possible more than once a month. Also try to pay your most expensive loan before the others.

Paying back your debts first is the best option.

Paying debts fast, paying bills on time. Don’t fail to make any payments.

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