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We Boost Your Credit Score Fast!

We have clients that have increased their score 315 points in 3-4 months. We get rid of negative items and add positive tradelines to your credit card profile to ensure you have a healthy mix of installments and revolving accounts.

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The Time To Refinance Your Home Is Now! Boost Your Credit and Save Thousands of Dollars!

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Wow! I am so happy with these folks...My credit score increased by 127 points in just two months!! Literally!!! Both Antoine and Shakti are incredible -- run, don't walk to get their help. You won't regret it.Aliah M. (San Francisco)
Call these guys ASAP if you want to get your life back on track. This company helped me with my credit and bills.Andrew L. (San Diego, CA)
My name is Adam Lincoln. I have known Antoine for his business ethics and honesty. I have seen him help many people and I'm proud to call him a friend.Adam L. (San Diego, CA)
I called for a free consultation. The team was very professional and showed genuine interest in answering my questions. They are in the process of boosting my credit score and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend them. Thanks PACC 10!Lourdes V. (Oceanside, CA)
Can't say better things about working with Antoine! Very professional and puts the customer first. He put me on the right path to a better credit & future. He’s such a great guy and friend. Thank you!!!Cornelius J. (Huntsville, AL)

How can we help you?

Home Buying Program

We rapidly tailor your credit profile specifically for the purpose of purchasing a home.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Do you want liposuction, breast implants or a nose job and can’t afford it?

Collection / Hard Inquiry Removal

We remove collections in hard inquiries FAST. 30 days for hard inquiries. 30-90 days for collections. 100% guarantee!

Car Buying

We help tailor your credit profile so that you can get approved for the car you’ve been wanting FAST!

Apartment Rental

We help tailor your credit profile so that you can get approved for the apartment you’ve been wanting FAST!

Veterinary Funding

Veterinarians can be costly. We RAPIDLY tailor your credit profile for the purpose of obtaining veterinary funding for your pet 0 down!

Credit Card Funding

We structure your credit profile in such a way as to get you approved for high limit credit cards!

Start-Up / Business Funding

Do you have a business idea? We help startups obtain funding.

Personal Loan

We help you get funded for that personal loan you need from $10-100k!

Dental Funding

We tailor your credit profile for the purpose of obtaining dental financing to pay for braces, crowns, bridges, root canals and more for 0 down!

Medical Funding

We RAPIDLY tailor your credit profile for the purpose of obtaining medical financing to pay for surgeries and other medical-related costs 0 down!


We help you find the best one within your budget for the highest boost. We also offer business tradelines to boost your business credit score fast!

Credit is Deep and Vast!

Feel free to ask us about services not shown here

Get approved for apartments, cars, credit cars and more!

We can help you continue boosting your score higher after we have fixed your credit profile.