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Fine Tune Your Credit and Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Month with a Home Refi

What is Refinancing? Refinancing is the process of replacing an existing mortgage with a new loan.  There are a few reasons why homeowners refinance, typically it’s to reduce their monthly payments, lower interest rates,to shorten the term of their mortgage, change the loan to a fixed-rate mortgage or because they need access to cash to […]

How to Buy a Home with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit it might seem impossible to get a loan and buy a home, but with the right help you can take control of your finances. Here are some examples of steps you can take to buy a home: Review your credit report and check for any discrepancies as it might contain […]

How to Use Authorized User Tradelines

An authorized User is an additional user to your credit card without requiring that person to apply like an employee or a child. The authorized user shares credit limit with the primary holder and purchases made by the authorized user appears on the same statement. The user will start building credit! Tradelines are similar but […]

Knowing When and Why to Refi

Why Refinance? To save overall interests in the long run or to reduce your monthly mortgage. Refinancing is a good idea if you can reduce interest rate by 2% but many say 1% is incentive enough to refinance. The first step to refinance is to know your home’s equity. Home values were on the rise […]

Why Getting High Limit Credit Cards Helps You

A high limit credit card  usually has a credit line limit that goes from $5,000 anywhere to $10,000 and beyond. The biggest benefit a high limit credit card provides to you is more available credit that in turn lowers your credit utilization rate. Your credit utilization rate has a huge impact in your overall credit […]

Why You Should Never Pay Collections

In order for a collection agency to collect from you, you have to admit to the debt over phone or by letter. Legally you did not sign a contract with the collection agency, their job is to use whatever measure to get paid by the debt they purchased from a company, debt you owe or […]

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